British Guides in Luxembourg

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Meet The Units

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Rainbows, Brownies, Guides & Rangers In Luxembourg


2nd Luxembourg Rainbows: 
formed January 2007  
Leaders:   Claire Balloch & Pippa Herbert 

3rd Luxembourg Rainbows:
  formed November 2008                                              
Leaders: Jude Long  & 
Nuriye Happold                                                                   

2nd Luxembourg Brownies:
 formed September 1976
Leaders:  Jackie Wilkie, Alison Eley &
 Marie Elliott

3rd Luxembourg Brownies: formed November 2008 
Leaders:  Theresa Cook, Becky Gollackner &
 Dawn Wheatley
Young Leader:  Beryl
1st Luxembourg Guides: formed April 1977
Leaders:  Vicci Hand, Lauren Harris, Jen Bruce &
 Sabina Schlee

1st Luxembourg Rangers: 
SPACES AVAILABLE  formed June 2009

If you are interested in joining us please use the following link 

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