British Guides in Luxembourg

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Rainbows Do It All

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On Tuesday 4th February rainbows at the 2nd Luxembourg unit did exactly that and some! The girls looked at celebrations and traditions that occur in February. 
 For pancake day on shrove tuesday they  designed pancake fillings fit for energetic young ladies to refuel on and surprised all the adults attending with their pancake tossing skills (never let it be said that a rainbow cannot toss a pancake without egg on their face!). I think anyone thinking of challenging this lot to an egg and spoon race should think again!
Hearts were on the agenda at the valentine stand, for february 14th, where the girls could glue and stick to their beloveds hearts content making cards and decorating biscuits for a loved one (not sure how many biscuits actually made it to the intended loved one).
The guides manning the Chinese new year celebration had prepared a very crafty paper chain snake activity to symbolise the year of the snake. Lots of hissing and fun were had whilst eating Chinese cake, thank you to our amazing guide helpers.
Then we had carnival time celebrated here in Luxembourg next week. The rainbows were unrecognisable in their carnival costumes and were made even more unrecognisable when they had their faces painted.
A big thank you to all our helpers and supports without whom we could provide such wonderful experiences, but beware don't challenge a rainbow to a pancake toss, you will lose!!!

Written by Karen Thompson - Unit Leader
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 May 2013 12:47