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21 Rainbows Go On A Bug Hunt

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2nd and 3rd Luxembourg Rainbows Sleepover 



Friday 17th June had finally arrived after weeks of preparation.  The house soon filled with the
noise of excitement, laughter and a slight air of anxiety as goodbyes were said.

The first Rainbow sleepover had just begun!

After mum’s and dad’s had said their farewells the girls decorated scavenger hunt bags ready
for the following day’s events. Games were played to introduce the girls to each other ending
with them all being entangled in a giant spider web! They managed to escape and dinner
was served followed by butterfly ice cream.

Armed with a firefly created by the girls, they headed off to Camp Fire. The rain aptly started 
as the girls began their rendition of ‘Singing in the Rain’. The lack of neighbours was ideal
during ‘Everywhere We Go’. Though we are sure that the cows put their hooves over their ears!

Dream catchers that the girls had made in their units previously where hung above beds. Hot chocolate and stories followed. 21 happy but sleepy girls were tucked up for the night! That was until 6.15am when the sound of ‘is it time to get up yet’ rang around the house!

The morning started with a Keep Fit Session and then a much needed breakfast. After breakfast the girls gathered their belongings and tidied their dorms ready for inspection by Brown Owl.

‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’ - compass reading was next, presented by two Young Leaders. The Rainbows searched for ladybird boxes full of various treats.

Preparation began for the Scavenger Hunt with girls making their own trail mix and preparing
the bags for the walk. Armed with a magnifying glass, tweezers, bug box, water and a banana
the girls headed into the forest. Making a birds nest, counting the age of a tree and finding
various bugs, leaves and plants followed. Then came the moment we had all been waiting for
the release of our butterflies. Three weeks earlier 10 caterpillars had gone to each unit. The
girls had seen the caterpillars go through their life cycle to become butterflies. So in the
forest the big release happened. We clapped with great delight when the first butterfly flew
the nest and eventually all 20 had left home!

The time had come to say goodbye and our sleepover came to end with a badge ceremony and the Rainbows goodbye song Make New Friends. We had indeed all made new friends and gained new experiences. Mums and Dad’s arrived to collect their excited daughters and to listen to many a tale.


So, the lights were dimmed and the door shut for the last time. The leaders went home exhausted but with some wonderful memories and feeling very proud to call 21 little girls their Rainbows!!

Written by Rebecca Gollackner, Rainbow Leader


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