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Halloween Challenge 2012

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On Tuesday 23rd October the 2nd Luxembourg Rainbows completed a Rainbows Halloween Challenge. It was all hands to the deck as the rainbows fought long and hard to complete at least six challenges. They had to carry out  such challenges as putting their hands into touchy feelie boxes of unknown horrors, throwing frogs and bats (soft ones, just ripe enough) into the cauldron, hunting for the most creepy crawlie bugs, wrapping a  mummie alive! , guessing the number of crawlies in a jar ( soft chewy ones!) and had to endure the frustrations of eating a donut with no hands, oh the torture of it! They also completed challenges of making Halloween playdoh themes, having their faces painted (quite an ordeal for some to have to sit still for so long!), listening to the most gruesome tales (room on a broom can have that effect on some), pin the hat on the witch (obviously we used double sided tape, a pin could draw green blood from a witch) and decorating biscuits ravaged by the fiercest of ghosties (Naomi shook the tin on the way in!).

All rainbows rose to the occasion when it came time to bash an errant ghost, enjoying the way it spilt its insides all over the floor for them to collect in their Halloween party bags, such savagery alas is found even amongst rainbows. All brought a Halloween treat for the table which was quickly demolished in true monster fashion.

All could not have happened if it was not for the help of rainbow parents. Each manned their stations with dexterity and the knowledge that angry Rainbows in fancy dress are not to be messed with when there is a challenge to be completed! They are like piranhas around a helpless fish if fear is shown in your eyes!

Fun was had by all, we just hope that someone remembered to unwrap the mummie!

Written by Karen Thompson (Rainbow Leader)   

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 January 2013 18:30